About Us

Mensa is the world’s largest and oldest high-IQ society. Mensa offers social and intellectual opportunities to its members, who qualify by scoring in the top 2% of the general population on a standardized intelligence test. An estimated 6 million Americans qualify for membership. You could be one of them!

With more than 50,000 members, American Mensa is the largest national Mensa group. And Central Florida Mensa — whose coverage area stretches from Daytona Beach to Lakeland along the I-4 corridor — is one of the most active chapters in American Mensa. As of November 2017, it is also the largest chapter in Region 10 (Florida).

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other people like you at local events, regional gatherings, and the annual gathering of American Mensa (held each year over the Fourth of July weekend) where thousands of Mensans from across the United States (and around the world) get together for five days of nonstop fun! You can attend entertaining, intellectually stimulating events and participate in a variety of online forums and groups.